Café Sakura, Japanese Cuisine & Lounge

East meets west a celebration of two diverse cultures, this was the starting point. The Japanese love for beauty and simplicity was the inspiration to work with clean linear lines. Cafe bar influence was used to inject warmth and sociability through the use of colour and pattern. The background palette is made up of dark walnut, deep purple and green tones all part of a timeless design language. Semi gloss ceilings and polished floors were used to open up the volume of the space. On the walls and shades are elegant delicate graphics with Eastern references in a contemporary context on various media of paper, glass and plastic.

Completion 2009
Indoor Floor Area 250 Sq m
Outdoor Floor Area 70 Sq m
Client Preluna Hotel Ltd.
Design Davina Preca
Location Tower Road, Sliema, Malta
Branding Maria Preca
Photos Daniel Cilia

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