Ichiban – Japanese Gourmet Burgers

Ichiban- meaning number one offers gourmet Japanese burgers. Located next door to the popular Sakura Japanese Cuisine & lounge, Sliema. Ichiban’s concept is a natural progression from the experience and successful ten year track record in the Asian food sector. Designed with the Japanese samurai in mind, this energetic dynamic is translated into the space using a linear pattern of custom diagonal wood panels. The tables were also custom designed to further emphasize the diagonal line. The illustrations on the interior walls and on the glazing were creatively designed by a local artist. With an eco-conscious, using sustainable recyclable materials this burger joint will embrace an all-round Japanese flavour with a punch.

Completion: 2019
Indoor Floor Area: 30 Sq m
Outdoor Floor Area: 30 Sq m
Client: Preluna Hotel Ltd.
Design: Davina Preca
Location: Tower Road, Sliema, Malta

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