Nina's Wine Bar & Bistro

The customer/visitor on the Maltese islands has become a diverse and multinational so the brief was based on appealing to a wide audience. The concept and branding would generate an experience so that one could easily and swiftly feel a connection with the venue. The outcome for the design concept is a fusion of contemporary lifestyle with an urban/street feel. A diverse palette of materials of rough brick walls, smooth dark wood & shiny hammered, the high contrast scheme would celebrate this colourful, joyful way of life

Completion  :       2007
Floor Area  :         200 Sq m
Client  :                 Preluna Hotel Ltd.
Design  :               Davina Preca
Location  :            Milner Street, Sliema, Malta
Branding  :            Maria Preca
Photos  :               Chris Sant  Fournier & Rene Rossignaud
Published  :          MHRA Magazine, July 2008