Club Sushi, Paceville - from Tokyo to Seoul

An informal dining experience were one can share sushi or izakaya- style dishes such as tempura, yakitori or sashimi amongst friends. These dishes go well with alcohol and promote both the late night scene as well as after work drinks. As an earlier night customer one may opt for the more traditionally western three course meal, such as yakimono, agemono and teppanyaki dishes. Asian food in a Mediterranean setting. The interior should emit the essence of northeast asian culture with a combination of traditional technology and aesthetics. The result will be an informal yet elegant interior. The indoor outdoor feel can be created through the use of a modified version of the sudare, slatted screens that open and close traditionally used on verandahs as protection from the sun. These are uplit with small led spots in the flooring. Interior A solution for the existing arches would for them to be disguised into a more organic form by using panels of plywood on the two primary sides facing the entrance. Plywood covered in a tulip veneer will give flexibility to have four different shades of varying darkness. Seating A choice of seating options including alongside the long bar with high stools, bench seating or on conventional tables & chairs. This would translate into making use of materials such as cypress, bamboo and Japanese cedar wood. Lighting The concept for the lighting is square and “box shaped” and will be a mixture of wall lights & pendants. Led strip lights will highlight the arches and create a layered effect.

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