Design to Sell

A turbulent economy has caused the property market to slow down capable of causing long waiting periods when trying to sell. There are certain factors such as location, water frontage and views that can give your property the bonus of being recession proof but those are choices that came with the selection of the property bought. Investing in good interior design can be the greatest tool to a seller. Provided that it is achieved with a budget conscious mindset, design has the potential to significantly bump up the value of the property.  Successful residential interior design emits palpable qualities, the space is warm, serene and the buyer can easily imagine themselves living in the space.

Looking into selling your home the extent of your upgrade will depend on whether it is already on the market or if it is in your future plans. Take a step back and look at it with an objective eye, the buyer is viewing this for the first time, the dangling door frame and peeling paint you may have grown accustomed to, is what the buyers eye is drawn to.

Added built in value is key, think along the lines of broad appeal. A tailor made house to you means less buyers. The addition of a second bedroom is a better choice when it comes to value than a new walk in wardrobe. Here are some pointers as to how you can stand out from the numerous apartments for sale in the area.

Keep in mind that the buyer makes up their mind within the first minute of viewing a property so first impressions really do count. The entrance should look inviting, a well trimmed front garden a freshly varnished door and a clean doorstep can make all the difference.

When it comes to the interior start out with the basics, store away all personal belongings such as photos so the buyer can easily imagine this as their own space. Take account of your existing furniture and remove any excess or eyesore which makes the space looked crammed. Any worn out items such as scruffy rugs and drab curtains should go. The rooms will instantly look larger and brighter. Strip any peeling paint and paint walls and ceilings in a neutral soft colour this will give the space a new leash of life. Replace any spent out light bulbs that will create dark shadows.

Your main concerns should lie with the kitchen and bathrooms as these have the highest built in value. If you decide to replace them start out with a good layout, this way you maximize on space and flow of circulation. There is no need to splash out on gismos and fancy accessories instead go with contemporary. If you are not replacing your bathroom make sure it is well appointed with all necessary bathroom accessories, scrub down grouting and replenish with new towels.

When planning your kitchen think of functionality in terms of preparation, cooking, washing and storage. Choose materials that are durable such as wood, marble and stainless steel and stay away from bright coloured laminates that will limit your prospective buyer.

In a world of increasing utility bills, energy efficiency is a factor your prospective buyer will take this into consideration. Invest in double glazing, solar powered solutions, built in water osmosis and efficient appliances.

Once you have cleaned, de cluttered and are done with the alterations you need to appeal to the senses. This goes beyond decorating and is about emitting the wow factor. Make your space come to life life by using soft fabrics, plants and mirrors. Your property is now ready to proudly face the property market!

Davina Preca Interior Design BA(Hons)